EASY-PACK tailgate

The convenient EASY-PACK tailgate can be opened, closed and stopped in any position automatically at the push of a button

The EASY-PACK tailgate conveniently opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button. This is particularly helpful for shorter people when closing the tailgate. The opening height is additionally limited to reduce the risk of damage.

The tailgate can be opened either via the button on the ignition key, the switch in the driver's door or the release handle on the tailgate. To avoid contact with an obstacle such as a garage door, the EASY-PACK tailgate can be stopped in any position.

In addition, an opening limiter can be activated via the multifunction menu in the instrument cluster. The tailgate will then open only up to the edge of the roof. For safety reasons, the automatic closing function can only be activated via the switch on the tailgate and will be interrupted automatically, should closing be obstructed by load items. Manual opening and closing is alternatively possible via the release handle on the tailgate.

Simple opening at the push of a button.

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