The AIRSCARF neck-level heating system releases warm air from the head restraints to create a pleasantly warm environment around the head and neck, even when the outside temperatures are low.

The innovative AIRSCARF neck-level heating system which is optionally available for the SL- and SLK-Class is a form of thermal draught-stop which extends the open-top driving season even when lower outside temperatures apply, by releasing warm air from outlets in the head restraint. The air to be heated flows through vents and is heated using a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating element. A fan controls the required flow rate at the vent openings. The temperature is controlled by means of a three-level switch. The flow rate adjusts automatically to the vehicle's speed. In this way, the AIRSCARF system not only extends the convertible season but also improves climate control comfort as a whole.

Extending the open-top season.

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