At the push of a button, AIRCAP (optional extra) provides for draught-free open-top driving which is equally enjoyable to rear passengers.

This innovation developed by Mercedes-Benz raises the level of the air flow over the vehicle and extends the flow beyond the passenger compartment. This reduces turbulence in the rear of the vehicle, offering a substantial improvement in comfort on long journeys.

Making open-top driving a joy in every seat.



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The AIRCAP system adapts to the number of occupants in the vehicle. The draught-stop at the rear alters its position automatically according to whether there are passengers in the front only or in the rear as well.


Passengers in the rear are detected automatically on account of the closed rear seat belts, and the rear head restraints are extended. When the AIRCAP switch is pressed, the air deflector on the windscreen is also extended.


Apart from reducing draughts for the front passengers and in the rear, wind noise during open-top driving is also noticeably diminished.
When the engine is switched off and the ignition key is removed, the air deflector module will be retracted if AIRCAP is active. If the engine is started up again without the soft top having been closed in the meantime, the air deflector will return automatically to its open position.


The AIRCAP® system:
Choosing suitable meshes for the air deflector proved a particularly complex matter during development of the system. Over 200 different material combinations were tried out before the ideal configuration was found with regard to air flow, soiling and durability. Integrating the electric drive in a cavity only three centimetres wide was also an exacting task.


The air deflector consists of a total of 211 individual components and 32 different materials. 14 different coatings and surface finishes are employed to afford protection from environmental influences. Mercedes-Benz has registered 20 patents for the AIRCAP®.


Important note on cleaning the AIRCAP®: In order to extend the air deflector when the vehicle is stationary, the ignition must be switched on and the parking brake engaged. Soiling is then easily removable with a cloth or vacuum cleaner.


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