Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Adaptive Highbeam Assist

Adaptive Highbeam Assist adjusts the headlamp range to the prevailing traffic situation and provides for the best possible illumination without dazzling other motorists.

The new Adaptive Highbeam Assist adjusts the headlamp range automatically to the distance of vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic. This means that whatever the driving situation, you automatically have the best light available. You can now recognise the course of the road, pedestrians or dangerous spots even earlier and more reliably. This provides for safer night-time driving.

The intelligent headlamp.



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Practical tests confirm that Adaptive Highbeam Assist provides for safer motoring in the dark:

despite oncoming traffic, pedestrian dummies at the side of the road were recognised from a distance of around 260 m – around 150 m earlier than with conventional dipped headlamps. This means that the new Mercedes-Benz assistant provides for a more than twofold improvement in safety at night.

The system also reduces the workload for the driver: he no longer needs to operate the lever on the steering wheel and is able to concentrate more effectively on the actual task of driving the vehicle. Once activated, Adaptive Highbeam Assist maintains the ideal headlamp range at all times. Studies show that high beam is only used on around 8% of all journeys at present. Adaptive Highbeam Assist can help to reduce this safety risk.



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