LED daytime driving lights

LED daytime driving lights make good sense, as they render vehicles substantially easier to recognise. The long-life, economical LEDs additionally lend the front of the vehicle a modern look.

Driving with the vehicle's lights on during the daytime is already compulsory today in many European countries - for good and plausible reasons. Daytime driving lights provide for added safety on the roads. Particularly when continuously changing light conditions apply – such as when driving along tree-lined roads or built-up stretches of road – vehicles with activated daytime driving lights are more easily recognisable for other motorists. And daytime driving lights do not dazzle oncoming traffic.
The latest version of daytime driving lights from Mercedes-Benz features LED technology. Apart from lending the front of the vehicle a modern look, the LEDs also have a much longer service life than older headlamps and even consume less power. The daytime driving lights can optionally go on and off automatically according to the prevailing ambient light conditions. In some model series, they can additionally be dimmed as appropriate. LED daytime driving lights from Mercedes-Benz combine safety with modern design.

Safety and modern design.

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