ECO start/stop function

In the interests of reduced fuel consumption and emissions, the ECO start/stop function shuts down the engine even when the vehicle is only briefly stationary and duly starts the engine up again when the journey is to continued.

On vehicles with manual transmission, the engine is shut down automatically in coast-down mode as soon as the speed drops below a threshold of 8 km/h and the driver brakes after having moved the gear lever into neutral position. When the driver steps on the clutch, the engine starts up automatically. In the case of automatic transmissions, the engine is not shut down until the vehicle comes to a standstill (0 km/h). The engine starts up again as soon as the accelerator is pressed.

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An ECO indicator in the instrument cluster shows when the function is active and the engine is at standstill while the vehicle is stationary.

Longer engine standstill phases and quieter operation of the system are achieved as a result of faster response during start-up and improved integration in comparison to systems on offer from the competition.
In practice, fuel savings of up to nine percent are attainable with the ECO start/stop function, above all in urban traffic involving frequent stopping at traffic lights or in traffic jams.


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