Cornering light function

The cornering light function is activated automatically when you operate the indicator lever during night-time driving, illuminating the area ahead and to the side of the vehicle over a distance of up to 30 m to take a look around the bend, as it were.

In conjunction with bi-xenon headlamps, the cornering light function provides for substantially enhanced safety when turning off at poorly lit crossings at night. The cornering light function is activated automatically at a vehicle speed of up to 40 km/h when you switch on the headlamps, operate the indicator lever or turn the steering wheel. It then illuminates the area at the side in front of your vehicle, covering a distance of 30 m and an angle of up to 65° - markedly more than conventional headlamps. This enables you to take in various areas of the carriageway which you would otherwise miss.

The cornering light function is performed by the fog lights or, on some Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the additional reflectors integrated in the headlamps. The function is controlled on the basis of current information on vehicle speed, steering angle and indicator settings. With these data, the control unit ensures appropriate functioning of the cornering lights in diverse driving situations: at crossings, at roundabouts or during reversing.

The intelligent electronics fade the cornering lights in and out, rather than switching them on and off abruptly. This gives the eyes an opportunity to adapt to the changing light situations.

So you know just what's around the corner.

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