Bluetooth® interface

Bluetooth®, serves to provide a wireless link between compatible mobile phones and the on-board sound system, enabling hands-free telephony in the vehicle along with other comfort functions.

The Bluetooth® interface which features as standard in numerous Mercedes-Benz passenger cars enables a wireless link-up with Bluetooth®-compatible mobile phones.

Wireless interaction between a compatible mobile phone and the Bluetooth® interface guarantees a high degree of user-friendliness and allows hands-free use of virtually all Bluetooth®-capable mobile phones. The standard Bluetooth® functionality does not include an external aerial for even better reception, a charging function or phone book access. These functions are only available with the "Convenience Telephony" option.

The new telephone module with Bluetooth® (SAP profile) from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH includes access to the external aerial and convenient phone book access. This module also enables connection via the external aerial if your mobile phone is in the pocket of your jacket on the rear seat, for example.

The module is simply plugged into the socket of the universal interface for the "Comfort Telephony" option in the centre armrest. The button on the module is pressed to initiate the so-called "pairing process". This involves you establishing the link between your mobile phone and the module for the first time, after which the link-up works automatically.

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