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Active Lane Keeping Assist

Surrounded by heavy traffic on all sides and about to change lane? Active Lane Keeping Assist is able to give you a wake-up call and protect you from the serious consequences of a collision – if necessary through targeted brake application.

Radar sensors monitor the traffic around your car, while a camera checks whether you are driving over broken or continuous road markings.

If a collision seems more than likely when changing lanes, Active Lane Keeping Assist intervenes and gets you out of the danger zone with targeted brake application.

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Active Lane Keeping Assist features an elaborate radar system which records the activities of other road users.


A rear sensor monitors the traffic area behind your car and warns of vehicles which are starting to overtake. The long-range sensor keeps an eye on oncoming traffic, and the short-range sensor looks out for adjacent traffic as well as parking vehicles. An additional camera detects when you start to make a lane change despite the adjacent lane being occupied.


The system immediately makes you aware of the risk of collision by pulsating vibrations through the steering wheel and also intervenes via ESP® with lane-correcting brake application on one side of the vehicle.


Of course you can cancel system intervention at any time by taking control once again and actively steering or braking the vehicle yourself to bring it back into its lane.


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