The 7-speed automatic transmission transfers engine power to the road with even greater ease and boasts a winning combination of smoother gear-shifting, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

7G-TRONIC PLUS is the latest version of the successful 7-speed automatic transmission from Mercedes-Benz. It has undergone extensive modifications in comparison to its predecessor in the areas of smooth gear-changing, fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. The engines from Mercedes-Benz supply the power and 7G-TRONIC PLUS applies it to the road with maximum efficiency.

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7G-TRONIC PLUS has been modified and improved in many aspects in comparison to its predecessor.

A newly developed hydraulic circuit and the optimised converter characteristic improve the start-up performance, efficiency and smooth running of the torque converter lockup clutch significantly. The new FE-ATF automatic transmission fluid (Fuel Economy – Automatic Transmission Fluid) with a modified additive package offers a longer service life combined with good lubricating and cooling properties. Materials and disc linings have also been adapted in the transmission and extensive geometric modifications have been carried out for the optimised fluid circuit. The transmission's integrated electrohydraulic control unit has been improved in points of detail and a reduction in friction has been achieved in conjunction with optimised engine and transmission software, leading to enhanced shift dynamics and shift quality. The entire main transmission has also undergone systematic optimisation to reduce friction loss. This host of small measures adds up to substantial advantages in terms of driving enjoyment, smooth gear-shifting and fuel savings of up to 7%.


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