Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Rear view camera


The reversing camera is a visual aid which makes reverse parking and other reversing manoeuvres much easier. It switches on automatically when reverse gear is engaged, and shows the area to the rear of the vehicle on the head unit display.

Dynamic grid lines help the driver assess the space behind the vehicle when preparing to reverse. They display the route the driver is taking, the width of the vehicle and various distances from its rear end. If the system detects any obstacles, moving or stationary, it highlights them in the image with a series of bars. When reversing out of a parking space or drive the view can be changed to a 180° wide-angle display in order to spot approaching pedestrians or vehicles more quickly.


In combination with a trailer coupling the system provides an additional function, which has special guide lines and a zoom mode to help hook up and control the trailer. First, the vehicle centre axis is displayed in order to help the driver approach the trailer drawbar straight-on. As the rear of the vehicle nears the trailer drawbar the camera includes the ball of the trailer coupling in the image to enable the driver to approach with perfect accuracy. The driver can also see an additional dynamic guide line which shows changes to the path of the ball coupling as the steering wheel is turned.


The reversing camera is integrated in the tailgate handle. It comprises a camera with a wide-angle lens and integrated electronic control unit. 


The rear-view parking aid.

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