Rear view camera

The visual parking aid.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

The rear view camera is activated when reverse gear is engaged and shows the area behind the vehicle on the head unit display; also a practical aid when hooking up a trailer.

The rear view camera which is available for numerous model series is a visual parking aid. It shows the area behind your vehicle on the head unit display. When you engage reverse gear, the rear view camera is switched on automatically. The system is installed in the tailgate handle. It consists of a camera with a wide-angle lens and an integrated electronic control unit which assists the driver in parking manoeuvres on the basis of the vehicle's dimensions, vehicle speed and steering angle. The rear view camera provides you with a better view of the area directly behind the rear of your vehicle. This makes much easier work of lengthways and crossways parking at exits and hooking up trailers when a trailer coupling is fitted.

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