The innovative MULTIBEAM LED light system with Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus combines all the advantages of state-of-the-art lighting technology and adapts the light to the driving situation with the utmost speed and precision.

For the driver, this means that large areas of road and verges are brightly lit. Also, MULTIBEAM LED provides a steady, pleasant, bright driving light that helps the driver to orientate himself and contributes to safe night driving.


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There are 36 LEDs per headlamp so that every traffic situation can be illuminated in the best possible way. The system can individually control 24 LEDs each for the various different main-beam functions.

The information required for this is supplied by a camera on the windscreen which is also used by other assistance functions. A total of four control units calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times a second. Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus combines a matrix light source with the tried-and-tested technology of the LED Intelligent Light System – for greater precision and a gap in the main-beam light which is as narrow as possible.

Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus in main-beam mode enables prolonged broad illumination of the road without causing dazzling. If the system detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, the LEDs of the main-beam module are partially deactivated, creating a U-shaped gap, whilst the other parts of the road continue to be lit (partial main-beam light). If a motorway situation is detected, the main-beam light is distributed so that the danger of dazzling oncoming truck drivers is reduced and the driver's attention can focus on the road ahead. Motorway partial main-beam lighting is activated depending on the traffic situation, so as not to dazzle other road users, thanks to selective light deactivation.

The active light function uses the camera to detect whether the vehicle is approaching a bend. The active light function anticipates the bend and swivels the headlamps before the driver turns the steering wheel, lighting up the bend as early and effectively as possible. The headlamps also return to face ahead before the end of the bend in accordance with the situation. The anticipatory active light function can provide an extra 30 to 60 metres of lighting range, depending on the driving situation. This means that the driver can detect hazards sooner when entering or leaving a bend.

The navigation system informs the innovative cornering light function with roundabout function (only in conjunction with COMAND Online) about the position of roundabouts on the route. Before the vehicle enters a roundabout, the system activates the cornering light modules on the left and right, thus creating the best possible visibility on all sides. This means that other road users are easier to see.

Other functions of the MULTIBEAM LED are country mode, the cornering light function and extended foglamps. The multifunctional fibre-optic cables of the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps – the so-called eyebrows – serve as daytime running lights, side lights and turn signals, and also greet the driver with a blue glow when the vehicle is opened.


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