LED Intelligent Light System


Modern LED technology and sophisticated light functions for best possible visibility in any situation: on country roads and motorways, when turning off, as well as in bends and in fog, the LED Intelligent Light System automatically adjusts to the prevailing conditions.

LED technology generates a light colour which is similar to daylight and thus more pleasant on the driver's eyes. Lower energy consumption and the extremely long life of the bulbs are further advantages of this technology.


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The LED Intelligent Light System offers a variety of adaptive light functions which automatically adapt the headlamps to typical driving and weather situations.


LED headlamps are closer to the daylight colour spectrum than xenon headlamps, for example, and are less tiring for the driver's eyes. There is no need to change the bulbs for the whole life of the vehicle.

Individual light functions:

Country mode and motorway mode replace dipped beam headlamps. Country mode illuminates the verge on the vehicle side more brightly and extensively than standard halogen dipped headlamps do. At speeds above 90 km/h, motorway mode is automatically activated, expanding the driver's visibility in two stages: first the performance of the LEDs increases, illuminating the road and the verges better. Then, at speeds above 110 km/h the range of the lamps is increased without dazzling the oncoming traffic.

The active light function swings the headlamps into bends by up to 15°, thus illuminating the road far better. This works in both dipped and full-beam mode.

The cornering light function improves the illumination of the road on corners and tight bends. Above a certain steering wheel angle, a module with two LEDs per headlamp is automatically activated on the appropriate side.

The extended foglamp reduces dazzle to the driver caused by light reflected by the fog and at the same time it illuminates the outer half of the road more brightly. To do so, the headlamp on the driver's side swings outwards by 8° and the light cone is lowered. The function can be activated at speeds of up to 70 km/h. If the driver subsequently accelerates to a speed of over 100 km/h, the extended foglamp switches off.

The rear lamps also have LED technology. In order not to dazzle following drivers, the brightness of the brake lamp varies according to the ambient light and is for example automatically dimmed at night at a red traffic light. In addition, together with the brake light, the surrounding light strips light up, further reducing the dazzling effect.

When the vehicle is stationary, the LED Intelligent Light System also provides the driver with improved comfort and safety: the "coming home" function is triggered by the key fob when the vehicle is opened or locked and lights the way to or from the vehicle.


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