LED High Performance headlamps


Together with their distinctive appearance, LED High Performance headlamps provide a broad spread of light, with a colour temperature close to that of daylight, and consume only a low level of energy. 

The LED technology used for dipped and main beams illuminates the road better than conventional halogen headlamps. The colour temperature of the LED High Performance headlamps is closer to that of daylight than xenon headlamps, which means that they are less of a strain on the driver's eyes.


The dipped beam applies LED projection technology, whereas for the main beam it is LED reflection technology. Direction indicators, daytime driving lights and sidelights are integrated in a multifunctional fibre-optic cable.


The tail lights, which also use LED technology, provide a visual highlight at the rear of the vehicle, whilst improving visibility. The brightness of the brake lights varies in line with the ambient light, so that they will not dazzle other road-users.


The "Coming Home" function welcomes the driver with an unusual light display when they unlock the car. The daytime driving lights' fibre-optic cable lights up in blue then cross-fades into bright white.


Thanks to the use of long-life LED technology throughout the vehicle, there is no need to replace any bulbs during the entire service life of the vehicle.


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