The innovative DISTRONIC PLUS assistance system automatically maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead by braking when necessary and accelerating again when the traffic conditions permit. 

The integrated collision warning system can help to prevent rear-end collisions.


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The automatic cruise control system DISTRONIC PLUS automatically maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front and takes the strain off the driver during motorway driving and in stop-start traffic. This results in a significant gain in comfort. 

DISTRONIC PLUS is activated by operating the cruise control lever. The control range is from 30 km/h to 200 km/h. If a vehicle is in front, it operates within a speed range of 0 km/h to 200 km/h.

DISTRONIC PLUS accelerates automatically and brakes, applying a maximum of 50% braking power, to maintain a safe distance. The speed limiter operates in appropriate situations (stop-start traffic, nose-to-tail traffic) all the way until the vehicle is stationary. Touching the accelerator pedal or pulling the cruise control paddle towards you will set the vehicle in motion again and, if the traffic conditions allow it, bring it back up to the pre-set speed.

If DISTRONIC PLUS identifies that the driver needs to brake more sharply, an intermittent warning tone is emitted and a warning signal appears in the instrument cluster. This integrated collision warning system can help to prevent rear-end collisions.

DISTRONIC PLUS consists of two short-range radar sensors located behind the front bumper trim. A long-range radar behind the radiator grille covers an area in the distance. The radar sensors calculate the difference in speed between the vehicle and the vehicle in front, determine the acceleration or deceleration which needs to be set and transfers this information to the control unit. Interventions to the engine, brakes or transmission help keep the target distance when approaching a slower vehicle ahead.

If the BAS PRO braking assist system is present, it can help create greater braking power by adding to the 50% maximum available to DISTRONIC PLUS: this assists the driver greatly in situations of potential danger.


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