Digital vehicle key


Your mobile phone is now also the key to your vehicle, meaning it's now even harder to misplace or forget your key. You can comfortably unlock the vehicle by simply holding a suitably equipped smartphone on the touch point of the vehicle door.

For it to work, the digital vehicle key requires Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and activation. For safety reasons, the mobile phone is only detected at close proximity to the touchpoint. What's more, you can even charge your smartphone wirelessly in the centre console.


Unlocking without having to turn a key.



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The NFC interface is integrated near the handle of the driver-side door. Your smartphone uses a secure SIM and becomes the drive authorisation system as soon as it is held against the handle. This even works when the battery is dead.


Thanks to the NFC vehicle key, you can leave your conventional key at home. Upon entering your Mercedes, your telephone automatically connects with the multimedia system and serves as an entertainment and communications system. Bluetooth® enables automatic activation of the hands-free system. If your smartphone supports the Qi standard used for the inductive transfer of energy, it can be charged automatically in the stowage compartment of the centre console without the need to connect a cable.


The digital vehicle key is available for use free of charge for the first three years. It must be activated via Mercedes me. To use additional virtual keys as well as to prolong the use of the first key after three years, additional costs are incurred.