Cornering light function


The cornering light function is activated automatically when you operate the indicator lever or turn the steering wheel during night-time driving, illuminating the area ahead and to the side of the vehicle over a distance of up to 30 m to take a look around the bend, as it were.

In conjunction with the Intelligent Light System, the cornering light significantly increases safety when making turns at poorly lit junctions at night. The cornering light automatically comes on at speeds up to 40 km/h if you have your headlamps on and operate the indicator lever or turn the steering wheel. It illuminates the area ahead and to the side of your vehicle at an angle of up to 65° and over a distance of 30 m – much further than a conventional headlamp. It lets you see parts of the carriageway you would otherwise miss.


The cornering light function is assumed by the fog lamps (if present) or, in some Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, by extra reflectors incorporated in the main headlamps. The system runs on up-to-the-minute information about the vehicle's speed, steering angle and indicator status. The control unit uses this data to ensure the correct function of the cornering light, whatever the driving situation – at junctions and roundabouts or even when reversing.


The intelligent electronics do not suddenly switch the cornering light on and off; they are dimmed up and down. This gives your eyes a chance to adapt to the change in light.



So you know what's round the corner.

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