Bluetooth® interface


Compatible mobile phones and other mobile devices can be connected wirelessly to the on-board sound system via Bluetooth®, enabling hands-free telephony in the vehicle along with other convenience functions.

The telephone module with Bluetooth® SAP (SIM Access Profile) allows the use of linked mobile phone or direct operation by inserting a SIM card into the integrated card reader. This significantly improves the quality of data and voice reception when using the convenience telephony system. The hands-free system is set up to work with mobile phones with Bluetooth® (Handsfree Profile and Phone Book Access Profile).


As well as the hands-free function, when combined with COMAND Online or Audio 20 CD the Bluetooth® interface also enables text messages and emails to be shown in the instrument display and audio streaming for transferring music files. The mobile phone needs to support Bluetooth® Message Access Profile (MAP) in order to read and enter messages in the display. To stream audio files, the Bluetooth device must have the A2DP profile.


It is possible to make phone calls at the same time as accessing online services with the telephone module. The system can be operated in comfort via the controller in the centre console or by using the buttons on the steering wheel. The display unit is that of the COMAND Online or Audio 20 system.


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