AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension with adaptive damping provides improved ride comfort and vehicle dynamics compared with conventional steel spring suspension, and can be adjusted for a sporty or more comfortable ride as desired.

The electronics work either steplessly (ADS PLUS) or in three different settings (ADS) to adapt the damping power for each wheel automatically to the driving situation and the road surface.


The all-round level control incorporated in the system ensures that ground clearance and handling remain almost completely constant even when the vehicle is fully laden. The vehicle height is automatically lowered at speeds over approx. 125 km/h in order to reduce aerodynamic drag. When the vehicle decelerates, it is automatically returned to the normal driving level.


If required (e.g. on rough roads) the driver can raise the vehicle height manually. If the vehicle speed increases, the selection is automatically deleted and the vehicle reset to normal driving level.


Air suspension.

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