Climate control


In addition to a manual air-conditioning system, there are also two particularly fast, quiet and effective automatic air-conditioning systems available as optional equipment: THERMATIC and THERMOTRONIC. Both now have improved operating controls and enhanced draught reduction.

The manual air-conditioning system has a heating and ventilation system plus a refrigeration system. Air is heated or, if the air-conditioning is switched on (A/C switch), cooled according to the temperature and distribution settings selected. Activating the air recirculation mode prevents the feed of outside air.


In order to prevent misting of windows the air recirculation mode is automatically deactivated dependent on the temperature and the air-conditioning settings. Holding down the recirculation mode button for a moment closes the side windows. Pressing it again will return them to their previous position. A fine particle filter filters both outside and recirculated air to improve air quality.


The automatic air-conditioning systems THERMATIC AND THERMOTRONIC have some additional comfort-related functions beyond those of the manual system. These include automatic regulation of the air distribution, air flow and temperature, and the inclusion of a sun sensor and air humidity sensors. THERMATIC and THERMOTRONIC operate extremely effectively without producing draughts. They are easy to use and quick to respond. 


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