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Active Parking Assist


Active Parking Assist identifies a suitable parking space and steers the vehicle into it automatically. The driver simply has to operate the accelerator and brake pedal.

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With Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist, your vehicle searches for a suitable parking space itself and parks automatically at the press of a button, with the driver retaining control of the accelerator and brake at all times.

At speeds below 36 km/h, Active Parking Assist starts the automatic search for parking spaces – both parallel and perpendicular. If the vehicle is travelling below 30 km/h, Active Parking Assist will display a 'P' and an arrow in the instrument cluster to indicate when it has identified a suitable parking space. The driver then just has to engage reverse gear, confirm the parking suggestion and drive no faster than 10 km/h. The steering is controlled entirely by Active Parking Assist It steers and brakes the vehicle automatically and indicates in the instrument display what actions the driver needs to take, e.g. engaging the correct gear. The driver retains control of the vehicle throughout the process by changing gear and using the accelerator and brake pedal to control speed. In just a few moves the vehicle is safely parked parallel to the direction of the traffic.

Active Parking Assist can also independently manoeuvre the vehicle back out of a parallel or perpendicular parking space with automatic steering and braking applications if it was originally parked there automatically.

During parking, the PARKTRONIC system's total of ten ultrasonic sensors – six in the front bumper and four in the rear – measure the vehicle's clearance at the front and back. Active Parking Assist's control unit processes the signals from the sensors and calculates the best angle of approach into the parking space. This information is transmitted to the electromechanical servo-assisted steering, and its electric motor automatically turns the steering wheel as necessary. The system works with great precision: the parking space only needs to be 1 metre longer than the vehicle for automatic parking to proceed.

If the distance to other vehicles or obstacles should become too small during the parking process, PARKTRONIC provides the driver with audible and visual warning signals. 



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