Active bonnet


The active bonnet offers more protection for pedestrians. The active bonnet is raised in certain situations when a pedestrian or cyclist collides head-on with the vehicle. This allows the deformation space to be increased and the risk of injury to be considerably reduced.

Smooth bodies, energy-absorbing bumpers, flush door handles, laminated glass windscreens, folding exterior mirrors and hideaway wipers have been features of Mercedes-Benz models for many years now and serve as pedestrian protection. In addition, in all modern Mercedes-Benz models, the front bumper has a spoiler lip which cushions the pedestrian quickly and smoothly in the case of a collision.


The active bonnet is an additional protective measure which, when raised, creates more deformation space and therefore, can significantly reduce the risk of injury to a pedestrian.


If a pedestrian collides head-on with the vehicle in the speed range of about 25 to 55 km/h, a complex sensor system in conjunction with intelligent algorithms triggers a number of actuators. These are pyrotechnically triggered spring elements which raise the bonnet in the region of the bonnet hinges by about 50 mm.


The increased distance between the bonnet and the components inside the engine compartment creates an additional deformation space that can help reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians in certain accident situations. After triggering, the bonnet can be reset for the journey to the qualified workshop. There, the actuators need to be replaced.


Protection for pedestrians in an accident.

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