Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Active Blind Spot Assist

This system indicates in the exterior mirror when cars or motorcycles are located in the blind spot and takes evasive action automatically in the event of danger, e.g. during lane changing.

No-one can see what is going on behind their back. This limitation has always been compensated in vehicles by means of rear-view and exterior mirrors. One area nevertheless remains which these mirrors are always unable to cover: the blind spot. Drivers sometimes overlook what is happening in the blind spot. This can quickly become dangerous. Active Blind Spot Assist from Mercedes-Benz helps drivers to monitor areas which are difficult for them to see. It warns the driver of detected dangers and is able to help prevent accidents by specific braking intervention.

Detects danger and
combats it by braking.



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The warning range of the assistance system covers an area extending approximately 3 m to the right and to the left of the vehicle and 3 m to the vehicle rear. 

The warning function also includes vehicles which are moving into the warning zone as a result of lane-changing from the next-but-one lane to the lane alongside the vehicle. Overtaking vehicles are indicated immediately after entering the monitoring zone. Vehicles which have just been overtaken are indicated approx. 1.5 s after entering the zone. This avoids continuous flashing of the indicators when overtaking a line of vehicles and suppresses an acoustic warning when the vehicle moves back into its lane with the indicator on.


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