9G-TRONIC is the world's first nine-speed automatic transmission in the premium segment to feature a hydrodynamic torque converter. Its high efficiency helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 6.5 %. At the same time it provides a completely different level of comfort and dynamism. 

Three drive programs allow you to preselect gearshift characteristics, ranging from economic to dynamic – or you can change gear manually with the steering wheel gearshift paddle. If powerful, fast sprints are needed, the 9G-TRONIC is able to skip individual gears when downshifting. 


More efficient, more comfortable, more dynamic.



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9G-TRONIC's nine gears enable comfortable, fuel-efficient driving at low revs and gentle, almost imperceptible gear changes, as if the transmission were infinitely variable 


The reduced intervals between the gears mean swifter gear changes and even greater spontaneity and agility. The optimised transmission efficiency due to reduced internal friction loss, and a wider ratio range, including longer gears, increase the comfort and reduce noise levels and fuel consumption – with the same excellent performance.


9G-TRONIC has three drive programs:


• Controlled Efficiency ("C") for especially low fuel consumption

• Sport ("S") for an agile driving feel thanks to gearing which uses higher revs

• Manual ("M") for rapid, manual gear changing via the DIRECT SELECT steering wheel gearshift paddles


Drive program "C" is set to the lowest possible revs and shifts to the most fuel-efficient gear possible for the driving situation. When pulling away, the transmission always selects second gear and shifts up early. This reduces both the fuel consumption and the noise level.


The torque converter of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS with integrated torsional-vibration damper was further enhanced for the 9G-TRONIC system, ensuring even greater gear-changing comfort. This is particularly noticeable when pulling away and at high speeds with low revs.


Despite the two additional gears and the maximum torque of 1000 Nm, the 9G-TRONIC is just as compact as its predecessor and even a kilogramme lighter – thanks to its aluminium torque converter housing and an extremely light magnesium alloy gear housing, plus a weight-optimised plastic oil sump. Also, the nine gears are achieved with only four planetary gear sets and six shift elements. Three speed sensors monitor the functioning, and supply the transmission control with the necessary data for highly effective gear shifting.


Demand-based, active volume regulation of lubricant and coolant oil mean that the 9G-TRONIC is also start-stop capable, which helps to reduce fuel consumption even further.


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