Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Through the introduction of numerous pioneering solutions and technologies, Mercedes-Benz continues to define new standards for vehicle safety and ride comfort, time and time again. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive now takes things a step further.

As the traffic on our roads becomes more and more complex, so the demands on driver and vehicle also grow. In order to meet this challenge, Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive very closely coordinates the safety and assistance systems in your vehicle. This in turn helps you in the best way possible to react appropriately in any given situation. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive thus represents a milestone on the way to autonomous, accident-free driving, opening up new perspectives for the mobility of the future.

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Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive comprises a range of technologies, optimally configured for each specific model series and designed to enhance safety and comfort when driving. An innovative stereo camera system, for example, ensures that you are able to see in three dimensions. It provides you with 360° all-round visibility and creates a precise picture of the environment in which you are driving. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive also includes DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control with STEER CONTROL, as well as Night View Assist Plus. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive uses the various data generated by these new technologies to evaluate specific driving situations, recognise potentially dangerous situations and react within a split second to provide you with appropriate measures to counteract the particular circumstances – for example with autonomous braking action or a clear warning alert.


The additional safety, assistance and lighting systems that are now linked together in optimal fashion through Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive include: BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist , Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus, Night View Assist Plus, PRE-SAFE® PLUS, ATTENTION ASSIST, Parking package with optional 360° camera, MAGIC BODY CONTROL, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Crosswind Assist and Traffic Sign Assist with wrong-way warning function.


With the help of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, vehicles are learning to think. Mercedes-Benz has thus taken another major step along the way to accident-free, autonomous driving.


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