COMAND Online offers mobile internet use as well as an effective and convenient navigation function and weather data for any route worldwide.

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COMAND Online is operated by means of an ergonomic Comand controller in the centre console which has been optimised for use inside vehicles.

A Bluetooth-capable mobile phone with data option and DUN profile support is necessary in order to use the full scope of COMAND Online functions. Every time the engine is started and whenever functions which require current information are activated, COMAND Online logs onto the internet automatically via the mobile phone – following authorisation from the user. Any attendant costs can be billed via the existing mobile phone contract. Use of the UMTS and GSM mobile phone standards guarantees COMAND Online optimum network coverage throughout Europe.

The large, brilliant TFT colour display with 17.8 cm screen diagonal and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels offers a good overview of the retrieved information.

An integrated combined DVD/CD drive with separate SD memory card slot supports MP3 and WMA data formats as well as video playback. A 6-disc DVD changer and the 80 GB hard disc for music and media files largely eliminate any need to change discs in the course of a journey.

The navigation system which is incorporated in COMAND Online also accesses this hard disc. The dynamic integration of traffic information via RDS/TMC and the automatic updating of maps enable dynamic route guidance. The update service is free of charge for 3 years from registration of the vehicle.


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